Thursday, February 15, 2007


OVERSEAS FILIPINOS WORLDWIDE Blogspot leads you to a think tank of concerned individuals, migrant organizations, NGOs and other members of civil society working towards advancing the democratic governance culture in the Philippines, influencing public policy and/or the national development agenda, strengthening collaboration and solidarity amongst Filipinos worldwide and providing a beacon of hope to every Filipino.

The blogspot is created in honor of the 8 million overseas Filipinos who are supporting their families back home, to present both an opportunity and a challenge for them to effectively exercise their substantive political clout. In 2006 alone, the amount of US$ 14 billion of hard earned money was officially recorded in terms of remittances to the country, representing an equivalent of almost 15% of the total Gross Domestic Product (GDP). This supports at least 16 to 20 million families and could fuel economic growth and fight poverty if properly harnessed. For this reason, we are compelled to exercise our right to say: to seek solidarity to all concerned citizens to support our advocacy.


Juan said...

No amount of "pleading" or "imploring" will move the traditional politicians to give due attention to the concerns and interests of OFWs and the marginalized poor of our home country. And even if one party would adopt a platform that will include what was suggested in the OFW Petition, that is no guarantee that they will follow that when they are in power. The only effective way is for enough number of concerned OFWs who have the right ideas, patriotism, vision and leadership ability to come back and be part of the "brain gain" and contribute to the organizing of the disenfranchised stakeholders --- the poor, the millions of OFWs and their families, the youth, the ordinary employees and workers, small businessmen and middle class--- into one huge group behind a "Moral Choice" candidate who has been proven to work as a servant of the people and incorruptibly honest. I am getting ready to come back and pull my own weight, be part of the solution and God Willing, the will of the majority will prevail.

Juan Dimacali
West Covina, California

seo said...

thanks to this blog! OFWs can share their ideas and experiences through the Internet as if they are together.

gene apolinares said...

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